5 Things I Want To Help My Audience With

I want to help my audience keep up with their busy lives. I want to help them understand they can do this with pretty, easy-to-use planners and printables.

Women are often so busy it’s difficult to keep up with everything. Kids, errands, sports, groceries, cooking, etc. What?? Who has time to cook? Exactly!

If it’s not the kids keeping us busy, often it’s still errands, bills, groceries, activities, cooking, birthdays, and who knows what else.

Beyond the busy life help, I want to help those who are in need of help keeping up with routines such as meditations, exercise, relaxation, and appointments. The list is endless really. My hopes are to help make a dent in the confusion and hectic events that seem to lead our lives.

One of the fun parts beyond helping with keeping track of stuff is making planners and printables that people love. Whether it’s because of the colors, patterns, or layouts. I hope my customers are able to find the perfect planner or printable for them.

Here are those 5 major ways I want to help my customers.

1. Provide easy-to-use planners and printables that fit the needs of my customers.

Because I’ve spent thousands of dollars on planners and printables that I thought would be really helpful and then discovered they were difficult to follow, I want to make it easier for my customers.

Simple and easy-to-read headings and fonts are just a couple of the ways I am able to do this. Instead of trying to cram everything I can think of into one planner, I try to simplify layouts with what I hope is important to you.

I am always learning from my customers about how to make things easier and better for them. Whether it’s colors, content, or types of planners and printables customers are interested in, that’s what I work daily to achieve and improve.

2. Recommend methods of using planners and printables to help make life a bit easier and happier.

I love hearing from customers about how much my goal planner, recipe planner, or printable recipe cards made their lives easier in some way. Helping people save money by organizing their food plan and eating more at home is just one of my favorites.

Of course, I get to learn from my customers too. That is a phenomenal adventure. It’s just amazing how many creative ways to improve our lives we learn from one another. This is one of the areas I hope to see grow as my customers work collaboratively with me and each other to help each of us get better.

I want to become more of an expert for you so that I am able to create the perfect answer for your problems before you even knew it was a problem. That may sound a bit forward and I don’t mean for it too. I’m just that excited to help.

3. Help women of all ages remember the most important things in their lives.

For the young mom, this may be a completely different list of important things than for someone the age of my grandma. Understandably, we have different needs at different stages of life. I want to help bridge those needs across the lifespan.

Whether you’re rushing two or three children off to sports, band, and cheerleading practice and trying to keep up with your home schedule and work to boot or you’re a single mom trying to figure out how to keep everything organized and on track by yourself – I want to be there for you.

For moms and grandmas who are a little older, those critically important events may be picking up the grandkids, keeping up with appointments or medications, trips with friends, or your yoga dates.

Regardless of what we are trying to track in our lives, everyone deserves to have the perfect planner or printable that fits into their lifestyle. That’s what I want to help with.

4. Provide beautiful color schemes and fun printables and planners that lighten your days.

Everything isn’t all about beauty and color, but they sure don’t hurt! I know some customers enjoy a minimalist design and others enjoy more vibrant and exciting colors and fonts. That’s awesome! That’s what makes us all individuals and why I enjoy learning from each of you.

Whether it’s stripes, flowers, pastels, or bold colors, there’s nothing off the table when you’re looking for just the right product to suit your personality. After all, it’s that what we search for? Something that is eye-pleasing to us that helps us accomplish a goal as well.

In my book, that’s when cool and really awesome get to meet. When I am able to create just the perfect match for my customers, it makes what I do even more of a pleasure.

5. Write a weekly blog post to share more information and new knowledge

Eventually, I hope to have a community where we can share and bounce ideas off one another, write a book and maybe someday even be able to teach others how to do what I do.

Big dreams those may be for someone just at the beginning of kicking off this blog, but I have a vision.

I’ve been blessed to help many others improve their lives in ways they were thankful for. I’ve been able to improve my own organization and family life. I’ve also helped friends and family. Hopefully as much as they’ve helped me.

Being able to learn what’s most important to my customers and then provide that product back to them is just the icing on the cake. In that respect, I hope to build the bakery out of printables and planners so my customers lives are better for having found me.

Hearing and sharing those stories as well as teaching others how much these tactics can do for their lives, will be a genuine milestone beyond measure for my blog and business. For that kind of experience, thank you just isn’t enough.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts for Today

For a quick recap, I want to leave you with a summation of the 5 things I want to help my customers with. Getting beautiful, usable and life-changing planners and printables into the hands of women who need them, teaching methods of use, and organizing communities of sharing are the ways I hope to help and change lives.

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